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Free Guide To The Educational System In Switzerland
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What Are The Benefits Of Having A Consultant?

A personalized and made to measure service to help you and your children find the right school. We cut through the paperwork and with our unique direct contact with all the schools we can save you precious time.

ASK YOUR QUESTIONS – Connect With The Top Swiss Consultant Stateside, Let us become your child’s International Student Advocate. We offer French Translation Services, FREE Boarding School Placement and Summer Camp Information.

learn Large Choice of Activities and Programs

Why Choose Switzerland?

Art, music, drama, film making, photography, skiing, paddle boarding, wake boarding, trekking, hiking, sailing, white water rafting, horse riding, soccer, basketball and other team sports the list goes on… Academic programs available:
American High School Diploma, IB, IGCSE, A'Levels, Advanced Placement, French Baccalaureate, Swiss Matura.
Raising Global Citizens

Sending Your Child To Study Abroad..

How Can We Help?


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    The school years have one of the most important impacts on your child’s life. 

    Determining the most appropriate approach to bring out the best in your child, providing them with the steppingstones needed for a successful future.

    Most parents have many questions and need assistance in the process of ascertaining what is best for their child’s educational needs, desired goals and building a strategy of achievement, this is where we can help you.

    START HERE – Find The Right Swiss Boarding School For Your Child.


    College preparation

    An education in an international boarding school in Switzerland is a great pathway to higher education. Students are prepared for admissions to the world’s most prestigious colleges and universities. The Swiss international boarding schools have some of the highest university entrance rates, which is facilitated throughout the high school years. Ask About Our Free Guide To The International Boarding Schools in Switzerland.

    NO COST TO YOU! Connect With The Top Swiss Boarding Schools, let us become your child’s International Student Advocate. We can guide you towards making an informed decision based on what is best for you and your child. Our goal is to provide parents with independent advice; representing your interests, finding the right school that is the best fit.

    Being a multilingual country, this encourages students to learn one or more languages during their time in Switzerland.

    Exceptional opportunity to take advantage of the fact that Switzerland is situated in the middle of Europe and students get to visit major European capitals such as London, Paris and Rome, as part of the curriculum.

    Each student learns mutual respect within the schools with over 120 nationalities, learning from each other and different backgrounds, this creates a unique opportunity to become a global citizen.

    Ask For Our Top Switzerland Boarding Schools List.

    How Can We Help You?

     Connect With The Top Swiss Consultant Stateside
    Let Us Become Your Child's International Student Advocate.
    We Offer French Translation Services,
    FREE Boarding School Placement 
    Summer Camp Information

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